Accountable Care Organization Assistance

As part of our expanding practice transformaton work, Quality Insights is offering assistance to practices participating in Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs).  

Currently, we are supporting West Virginia and Delaware practices partnering with Aledade. Aledade works with independent doctors to create and run ACOs, networks of physicians who band together to deliver coordinated care to patients. They operate under a payment structure that rewards positive health outcomes for patients, instead of the volume of health care services delivered.

Quality Insights specialized Health Information Technology Practice Coordinators:
  • Provide onsite consultation and technical assistance for practices as they optimize EHRs
  • Ensure the security of patient data transmission
  • Use analytics to gain insight from records that can help keep patients healthier

Quality Insights also provides direct support to help practices implement and enhance wellness services and care coordination, including after-hours, specialist, and long-term care coordination.

For more, information about Quality Insights' services, contact us. To learn more about the ACO, visit Aledade's website.