Diabetes Self-Management Program (DSMP)

What is a DSMP?

The Delaware Diabetes Self-Management Program (DSMP) is a 6-week course which covers topics that are designed to help people with type 2 diabetes build confidence in their ability to manage their health while maintaining an active and fulfilling life. Each class consists of 12 – 16 participants and is facilitated by two lay trainers, one or both of whom has diabetes. The DSMP program, which was developed by the Stanford School of Medicine, is offered by Delaware Department of Public Health at NO COST to Delawareans. The classes are highly participative and have proven to be highly successful in empowering participants to take control of their health.

The topics covered at these sessions include the following:
  - Techniques to deal with the symptoms of diabetes such as fatigue, pain,
    depression and stress
  - Exercising to maintain and improve strength and endurance
  - Healthy eating tips
  - Appropriate use of medications
  - Action plan development and problem solving
  - How to effectively work with your health care providers

Quality Insights' DSMP Referral Letter Campaign

As a participant in the Quality Insights Hypertension and Diabetes initiative, AT NO COST TO YOUR PRACTICE, Quality Insights will mail each of your patients diagnosed with diabetes a DSMP referral letter encouraging them to enroll in the program. Additionally, community health workers will provide a follow-up phone call to each patient to determine their level of interest and if they have any specific questions. For more information about this free service, please email Ashley Biscardi or call 1.877.987.4687, ext. 137.

Download the DSMP Project flyer for more details.