Improving Colorectal Cancer Screening Rates in Delaware

Report-Circle.jpgQuality Insights is spearheading an exciting new Colorectal Cancer Screening (CRCS) quality improvement effort that may be of interest to your practice. 

We have been working with 15 physician practices in Delaware to date and now have the opportunity to enroll ten additional sites. Please contact Quality Insights now if you are interested in participating. 
Benefits of Participation:
  - Four hours per month of on-site support to improve your CRCS rates for
    calendar year 2017
  - Identification of your patients who are past due for CRCS: These patients
    will receive a CRCS Reminder Postcard during their birthday month - the
    reminder card is specific to your practice
  - Patients receiving the reminder postcard will also receive a follow-up phone call
    from a Community Health Worker encouraging the patient to have a CRCS test
    (Quality Insights will develop a specific practice protocol with your site)


  - CRCS Project Flyer
  - CRCS Postcard (Henrietta Johnson Medical Center)
  - CRCS Postcard (La Red Health Center)
  - CRCS Project - Memorandum of Understanding & Business
    Associate Addendum

  - 80% by 2018 Pledge - National ColorectalCancer Roundtable
  - Colorectal Cancer Screening Training: Protocols, Pop-ups & Polyps (PPT)

Contact Us

Quality Insights encourages your practice to join us in this important initiative to improve the early detection and prevention of colorectal cancer.

If you are interested in joining this project or would like more information, please e-mail Quality Insights Project Manager Andrea Rodi, or call 877.987.4687, Ext. 127.